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Here is a little something that I have gone through designing, testing to the finished product of 10 custom stencils. I wanted to give you all a little oversight of what went into creating this product and my thought process. If you are looking for a custom stencil drop us a call or email here

Our customer was needing a stencil created for short term runs for printing on to pallets of his customers. They wanted a fairly inexpensive way of getting the stencils since their current way was fairly pricey.

This project was something that was fairly hard to complete and was completely new for us. The complexity came from the size of stencil they needed which was fairly small and the lettering and logo he needed on it.

This is the artwork we created for him from the logo they needed since it is a stencil we had to have the inner pieces joined to the plastic the same had to be done with the letters which were a bit fiddly due to the limited amount of space we had.

But once that was complete we did a test print it came out pretty well, Although another problem occurred since the thickness of the material was around 1mm it cause the material to bend upwards meaning the stencil wasn’t straight. How we combat this was by not fully cutting out the whole shape and leaving little pieces of plastic there to just break off by hand.

That lead to the product ready to be set off.

So if you see this image you know who made the stencil for it.

Are you in need of some lasered products contact us here for more details.

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